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Collect Payments

Your site can accept money form your customers or membership 24/7


Your site can collect info from surveys or forms and show results online


We offer responsive sites, which adjust themselves according to screen size.

WordPress Sites

WordPress sites are increasingly popular, and for good reason. We can help!


Content Management Systems make populating and managing your site fast and easy.


From sales, to memberships, to applications, our sites back up your data in a safe place.

Does your farm or ranch website need to be put out to pasture? For businesses, especially agribusinesses, vim and vigor matter online; customers expect a modern web experience. The difference between a good web site and a bad web site (or no web site at all) is like the difference between a cab and air tractor compared to mule and plow. Make your business more effective, efficient and productive with this one addition to your marketing plan.

Is your website working for you?

Smart businesses make their web sites work for them, saving them time and money! At TMP, we aim to help you make the most of your company through your web site. We can build features that are easy to use, and help improve your customers’ experience on your web site.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Websites

Short Answer: $500 – $5,000.

Long Answer: It depends, it really does. We can do a one page “weblet” that we custom create for $500, this includes your domain and hosting for a year. For a small volunteer group that wants an informational (static site) with 5-7 pages and no frills, we can do a site for around $1,000. And for small businesses that need 10-25 pages, forms, email, photo galleries, video, etc – the price is usually around $2,400. We also do larger, dynamic corporate sites that can cost as much as $5,000-$7,000 depending on all the features requested.

Web hosting is a fee that you pay (annually) to have your site accessible on the internet. Yes, we can host your site.

Definition from the TMP dictionary: Noun; meaning baby web site, “one-pager” or online web presence. Budget small? Then perhaps you can get started with weblet. For $500 we’ll build you a one page web site so you can provide basic information to your audience. This price includes your domain and hosting for one-year. With a weblet you can include up to 5 photos, 300 words and 3 links or pdf’s.
When you transfer an existing site to us, or move a site from us (this doesn’t happen often), there is work involved, whether it’s packaging up files or sorting through someone else’s files. Perhaps it is moving a domain from one registrar to another or talking and emailing your Uncle Ted, the only one who is not technologically challenged in your family. All that adds up to time, usually more than we charge, but the $75 transfer fee helps to cover our time with those calls, emails and misc work to get you up and running.
Maybe! There are about as many web development programs out there as there are varieties of citrus and they aren’t all created equal. We’ll do our best to work with your files but we’ll be honest, we will probably have to start from scratch. We can probably use your files if you just want to move your hosting to us, but making changes and updates in the future could be difficult.

Similar, but not exactly the same as a domain, this is the specific address or location of a page, folder or file within the domain. While our domain is, the URL of this page is

Yes, if your domain is, we can provide you an email of your choice like [email protected] Emails are $10/pp/yr. We will provide you instructions on how to set up your mail within an email program on a PC or a Mac to use with programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Mail or Entourage. Our email is also web-based which allows you to log-in to webmail, letting you check your email from any computer that has internet access.

Designer Maintenance – This option gives you what you want when you want it. Just email or call us and we’ll handle everything – usually the same day. For this option we charge by the hour, but unlike some big NYC design companies we bill in quarter hour increments so if it is a minor change, your bill will be teeny as well.

Discounted Maintenance Plan – This is a popular plan among our clients. This plan gives you 12 hours of designer maintenance used at your discretion throughout the year. Changes are made within 3-5 days. If you need more than 12 hours we simply bill you, but you get billed at the discounted hourly rate. This works for small businesses that have basic monthly changes and do not want to bother with the technical aspect of maintaining a site.

Self-Maintenance – We have several options available in terms of content management systems and we can train a staff member to update certain areas of the site. It is imperative that we know this before we begin designing the site.

Again it depends, and a lot depends on you. Generally, a larger site takes 4-6 weeks from the time the client reviews design concepts, gives us approvals and gathers the content, photos, logos and other images. We work as fast as you do. Gather all the content and we can have your site complete in two weeks.
Give us a call, we’d love to talk with you about your project. Tel: 352-821-0774 Our goal is to make the internet a more beautiful place, one site at a time. Or you can take a few minutes to fill out our web questionnaire and we will send you back an estimate in about 24 hours.

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